mid and Long-term missions

As a church on mission, it is our prayer and desire to not only send Heartland Missionaries on short mission trips, but to also send Missionaries for long-term Gospel work. Whether you’re in high school or a veteran member of the work force, God could be calling you to use your gifts for the good of the global Church. Below are several options for more in-depth service with some of our mission partners. For more information, contact Pastor Marc in the Missions Office to discuss where God may be calling you to serve.

International Mission Board (imb.org)

  • Short-Term Options (1-8 weeks)
Short-Term Mission Trips - You can be involved in the missionary task by participating in a short-term mission trip. The IMB has many trips ranging from 1 to 8 weeks. Go to https://www.imb.org/trips/ for more information and to see the available opportunities.

  • Mid-Term Options (2 months - 3 years)
Team Member - Team Members are missionaries who are fully funded by the IMB, and, as IMB employees, receive full benefits and services. Team Members serving mid-term commitments are assigned to 1, 2, or 3 year terms.

Field Support - Field Support personnel are professionals paid by the IMB to provide critical services on behalf of the IMB in an international location. They are an active member of a local missionary team. They are engaged full time in a specific professional service, and part-time in the missionary task. Mid-term options for Field Support require a 2-year minimum.

Team Associate - Team Associates are missionaries who receive funding from non-IMB sourc- es. They are either self funded, which means they provide their own support from personal savings or an existing job, or they are ministry funded, which means they are funded from another organization or church. Team Associ- ates can participate full time or part time in the missionary task. Time com- mitments for Team Associates are generally 1+ years, but can be less than 1 year for students.

  • Long-Term Option (3+ years)
Team Members are missionaries who are fully funded by the IMB, and, as IMB employees, receive full benefits and services. Team Members serving long-term commitments are assigned to 3+ year terms.

20 Schemes (20schemes.com)

  • Short-term Intern (9-15 weeks)
20 Schemes has a number of short-term internships available to support their church planting teams. Interns can serve for up to 15 weeks, or as short as 9 weeks. They provide assistance in raising the finances needed as well as training, support, and care while in Scotland. Do you have specialist skills and training in media/communications? Short-term internships can be tailored to fit your areas of expertise.

  • Ministry Intern (2 years)
20 Schemes seeks to send gospel-worker missionaries to live and serve in the schemes (housing projects) of Scotland. This part-time position combines in-house training and practical ministry over two years, with a wide variety of activities.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:
(1) Share the gospel message of the Christian faith
(2) Pastorally care for individuals within the church body and community
(3) Establish new and maintain existing community contacts
(4) Participate in or lead group activities (e.g. children’s groups, Bible studies)
(5) Ministry activities of the church as required (e.g. café, community activities)
(6) Participate in general housekeeping

Desired Experience/Qualifications:
(1) Theological training
2) Experience working within a ministry context
(3) Experience working with people from complex backgrounds

Frontiers (frontiersUSA.org)

  • Nanny Program (2 months to 1 year)
Frontiers Nanny Program supports mission workers with much-needed childcare and education assistance. By helping a Frontiers team or a specif- ic family care for and teach their children, you will have a big impact on their ministry. Serving opportunities range from 2 months to 1 year and feature a variety of ministry options.

  • Medical Missions (2 weeks long, any time of year) 
Middle East - Reach rural Bedouin families through mobile dental clinics. Work alongside dentists and other health workers as you help meet the unique needs of nomadic communities. Dental experience required.

North Africa - Serve children with cerebral palsy and autism in a pediatric physical therapy center. Discover cultural and historic sites and explore future mission op- portunities in the region. No experience required.

Northeast Africa - Offer your unique gifts and abilities and volunteer in a medical clinic. Be- friend patients and share with them the story of God’s work in your life. No experience required.

  • Overseas Intern (6 weeks)
Middle East - Desert Team (May 22-July 2, 2021) - Immerse yourself in a Muslim community by tutoring English, studying Arabic part-time, visiting local families, and sharing Jesus with new friends.

Southeast Asia - Island Team (June 12-July 24, 2021) - Partner with experienced workers to teach English to children and working adults, and explore island communities while surveying the spiritual needs of the region.

North Africa - Mountain Team (June 12-July 31, 2021) - Learn conversational Arabic in classes taught by native speakers, and travel to unreached mountain villages for opportunities to put it into practice.